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Statutory Committees

The following committees are required according to The Registered Dietitians Act to ensure the quality of dietetic practice for all Manitobans.

Board of Assessors

  • Considers applicants for registration, including Internationally Educated Dietitians, to determine if applicants are eligible to practice dietetics in the province of Manitoba
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Council on matters pertaining to dietetic education programs

Complaints Committee

  • Reviews written complaints sent to the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College) regarding the conduct of members and/or former members.
  • Meets as often as required to determine whether to investigate the complaint and decide the most appropriate course of action.
  • Refers the matter of the complaint or conduct of the member to an Inquiry Committee

Inquiry Committee

  • Selects panels of Inquiry Committee members to hold hearings and make disciplinary decisions about the conduct of investigated members

Non-Statutory Committees

Council establishes these committees to help the College perform its activities. The Registered Dietitians Act does not mandate them.

Professional Standards Committee

  • Reviews and makes recommendations to Council on standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice and reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice among Registered Dietitians
  • Reviews and make recommendations on the development of practice directions
  • Provides feedback on scope of practice issues

Governance Committee

  • Recruits nominees for the Council and prepares a slate for the upcoming College year
  • Reviews and updates Governance policies of the College

Continuing Competence Committee

  • Provides support to the Continuing Competence Program for all practising Dietitians in Manitoba
  • Participates in monitoring the Continuing Competence Program through audit procedures
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