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The Council is the governing body of the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College). The Council manages and conducts the activities of the College in accordance with the Act, Regulations, and Bylaws.

Council is comprised of regulated members and public members. The College is required to have public members to assure transparency and accountability for the public. Public members help the College identify conflicts between professional and public interest and bring a community perspective to its decision-making and policy development.

Council members serve at least one two-year term and are involved with at least one Committee.


To ensure public protection and confidence, Council members:

  • Unite their diverse expertise to build and maintain a strong governance foundation
  • Provide management with strategic direction
  • Demonstrate leadership to the College’s shareholder and stakeholders


Nikki Webb, RD Chair
Jennie Cowan, RD Vice Chair
Kelly Kaleta, RD Past Chair
Jennie Cowan, RD Member
Alyssa Lewis, RD Member
Lisa Fugleberg, RD Member
Monica Cyr, RD Member
Kayla Moore, RD Member
Kassim Allimson Public Representative (Government Appointed)
Karen Kumka Public Representative (Government Appointed)
Grace Olowoyeye Public Representative (Government Appointed)
Funmilayo Akinyemi Public Representative (Government Appointed)


There are no requirements for nominations at this time.


Council meetings occur six times a year.

The College also holds an Annual General Meeting in late fall of each year. All registrants of the College are invited to attend.

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