Because you have been educated outside of Canada:

  • You must complete a credential assessment to demonstrate that your degree in human nutritional sciences is equivalent to a degree from a¬†Canadian accredited university program
  • You must provide the credential assessment to the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College) when you apply for registration
  • The College will review the credential assessment to determine if your university degree is equivalent to a Canadian degree
  • The College will specifically review your courses to determine if they are equivalent to the courses for a Canadian accredited university degree in human nutritional science

If your degree or courses are NOT equivalent, the College may advise you that you must upgrade your academics in order to become eligible for registration.

Learn more > Step 2: Academic Upgrade


Your immigration office will review your education and select you to immigrate to Canada if it is confident that you can find work here. However, your immigration office cannot guarantee that you will meet the requirements to work as a Dietitian in Manitoba or any other Canadian province or territory. 

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