Registration Process

Step 1: IED Application

To apply for initial registration with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College):

  1. Complete the IEP Application Form (pdf or online)
    Register Online
    Application Guide
    Application Form
  2. Pay the application fees
  3. Gather your required documents*, including:
  4. Submit your application package (the above items) to the College

*Required Documents

See a complete list of required documents at the back of the IEP Application Form.

You must submit all required documents within 30 days of submitting your IEP Application Form.  If you require more than 30 days, please inform the College.


You must instruct your credential assessment agency to send your assessment results directly to the College. Ensure that the results are delivered within the 30-day time limit.

Application Results

The College will send your IEP Application results by mail within eight weeks. Your results may be:

Do you meet the academic requirements? Do you meet the training requirements? Result/Next Step
Yes or No The College is unsure

The College will invite you to attend a panel interview in order to assess your practical skills.

No No Go to Step 2: Academic Upgrade
Yes No Go to Step 3: Dietetic Intern
No Yes

Note: This scenario is rare. Usually, applicants who do NOT meet the academic requirements also do NOT meet the training requirements.

Go to Step 2: Academic Upgrade
Yes Yes Go to Step 4: Graduate Dietitian
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Task 1: Self-Assessment
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