Registration Process

Step 2: Academic Upgrade

If the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College) reviews your IEP Application and determines that you do not meet the academic requirements and your degree is NOT equivalent to a Canadian degree in human nutritional sciences, the College will instruct you to update your academics:   

  • The College will instruct you to take specific courses in human nutritional sciences
  • You must complete the courses with a minimum mark of 70% (Grade level B)
  • You must ask your academic institution to send your transcripts directly to the College
  • The College will contact you by mail to inform you of the results

University of Manitoba > Food and Human Nutritional Sciences
Accredited university programs in Canada


Contact us for a list of online course work

If you are unfamiliar with the Nutrition Care Process terminology, complete the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Care Process Tutorial Modules.

Did you successfully complete the academic upgrade? Result/Next Step
Yes Go to Step 3: Dietetic Intern

Note: This scenario is most common. Applicants who require academic upgrading are also usually required to complete Step 3.


Go to Step 4: Graduate Dietitian
Note: This scenario is uncommon.

No The College will advise you on next steps
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