Step 4: Graduate Dietitian


You must pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE) to demonstrate that you have the minimal level of competence to practise as a Dietitian in Manitoba.

  • You must pass the exam within four years of being registered as a Graduate Dietitian
  • If you fail the exam, you may re-write it a second time  
  • If you fail the exam a second time, the College will instruct you to complete further education and training before writing the exam a third time
  • You may attempt the exam no more than three times

CDRE Preparation Guide (English)
CDRE Preparation Guide (French)

Exam Results

Within six weeks of your exam date, the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College) will notify you by letter of your results.

Did you pass the exam? Result/Next Step

The College will automatically grant you the title of Registered Dietitian (RD)


The College will advise you of the next steps

Exam Committees

National examination committees are made up of provincial representatives who set the CDRE. Along with the other Canadian dietetic regulators, the College:

  • Approves the examination blueprint
  • Approves the policies and procedures for the administration of the examination
  • Monitors examination results

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