Registration Process

Time & Costs

Most Internationally Educated Dietitians complete the registration process in 12 months or more. The process costs $6,000 or more.


Time and costs are estimates and are subject to change

Item Cost Time
Language Proficiency Test (if applicable) $120-$285 Results: 2-3 weeks
Credential Assessment $250 Results: 1-2 weeks
Criminal Record Checks $75 Results: 4-6 weeks
Translation and Notarization Academic records:
$70-$80 per page
Other: 12-22 per word
IEP Application $480 Results: 8 weeks
Academic Upgrade (if applicable) Course costs vary. Contact University of Manitoba for details Length: 2-5 years
Practicum Assessment (if applicable) $1,700-$2,150 Length: 9-12 weeks
Internship Program (if applicable) Registration fee: $350
Contact the Manitoba Partnership Dietetic Education Program (MPP) for details
Length: 41 weeks
Dietetic InternIf applicable, the College will manually charge an initial application fee for Graduate Dietitian 
$100 Results: 1 week
Professional Liability Insurance $90-$250 per year (contact provider)
Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE)
$600 Written: May and November of each year
Results: 6 weeks
Graduate Dietitian
Registered Dietitian
$595 per year/$49.58 per month (pro-rated)

Late fee: 35% of registration fee

Renewal: By March 31 of every year

Processing time: 3-4 business days

* The College does not provide rebates or refunds on registration fees.  For more information, please see our policy.

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Time & Costs
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