Continuing Competence Program


How can I set goals when I do not know what activities I will be able to undertake in the upcoming year?
The goals you set should be related to your goals for your professional development. With expanding opportunities using technology or through the use of reading appropriate literature, it should be possible to meet at least a portion of a goal that you set during the reporting period.

It is not necessary to completely finish a goal within one year.

If your situation changes over the course of the year and therefore your goals change, you may submit a revised list of goals with your next submission.

If I participate in a professional development activity that doesn’t relate to one of the goals I set, do I have to set a goal for that activity?
If you are presented with an opportunity that is applicable to your professional development, if you had not set a goal related to a particular activity, you do not need to work backwards and set an extra goal. Simply record this new activity and leave ‘Meets Goal 1-4’ blank for that particular activity.
Can I submit more than 15 points one year and submit less than 15 points the next year?
No. You must submit 15 points for professional development activities each year. If you choose to report more than 15 points for a given reporting year, you must still submit 15 points the following year.
How do I “carry over” points?
Each member is responsible for recording their professional development activities and reporting those activities. Activities for a given reporting year can be accomplished during the previous TWO years. For example, activities can be reported between April 1, 2018 and January 31, 2020.  If you wish to carry over points, you must remember to report them only once.
How do I know if an activity is professional development or part of my daily work?
Professional development activities are generally planned activities chosen to meet set goals. Some activities may present themselves and fit well with your overall professional development even though they do not fit within a specified goal that you had set.

Activities such as consulting with a colleague regarding a particular question, whether it be in person, by phone or by email, is part of providing appropriate nutritional care or ensuring optimal nutritional care for your individual clients. This is not professional development.

Preparing a presentation using materials and resources you have available to you that does not require any additional research on your part is not professional development.

Participating in activities such as general lifestyle/healthy living classes may be part of your personal development, but does not qualify as professional development.

It is not possible to list an inclusive list of activities that do or do not qualify. Use the Points Allocation Guidelines as a guide. If you need clarification about the merit of a specific activity, contact the College, and your question can be directed to the Continuing Competence Committee.

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