Complaints & Discipline

The College of Dietitians of Manitoba expects dietitians to practice competently and ethically. Dietitians must meet specific requirements, such as adhering to the Code of Ethics for Registered Dietitians and participating in professional development activities on an annual basis.

If you are concerned about the practice or conduct of a registered dietitian, your first step should be to discuss the problem directly with the individual or his/her supervisor as difficulties often arise from poor communication or misunderstandings. If the issue can’t be resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the College of Dietitians of Manitoba.

Complaints Process

Step 1: Send the College a Letter
All complaints must be provided in writing to the Registrar. The letter should clearly state your concern and include:

  • Dietitian’s full name
  • Date of your concern
  • Details regarding your concern
  • Your signature

Submit your letter by mail:

College of Dietitians of Manitoba
208-584 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X7

Step 2: Complaints Committee Reviews Your Letter
The Registrar will review your complaint and refer it to the Complaints Committee. This committee comprises both Registered Dietitians and public members (not dietitians). You will receive a letter from the College stating that we have received your complaint and that your concern is being reviewed by the committee. The dietitian named will also receive a copy of the letter of complaint and will have an opportunity to respond.

Step 3: Complaints Committee Decides Next Steps
The Complaints Committee will review the complaint and decide on a course of action such as:

  • Information and provide a report
  • Possible options for resolving the complaint include:
    • Meeting with the member to review the issue and request additional information and/or documents
    • Refer the matter to the Inquiry Committee when the issue is serious enough to require an immediate need for a legal hearing
    • Accept the voluntary surrender of the Dietitian’s license to practice when there is sufficient information to indicate the member should not be practicing and the dietitian agrees to this
    • Censure the Dietitian (formal reprimand)
    • Refer the matter to mediation when the appropriate consequences merit this
    • Enter into an agreement with the dietitian that may include consequences such as:
      • Counseling or treatment
      • Monitoring or supervising the dietitians’ practice
      • Completing a specified course of study

The Complaints Committee will notify you in writing of their decision, including the reason for their decision.

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Complaints Committee. The appeal must be provided in writing to the College, within 30 days of having been notified of the Complaints Committee decision. The Council will review your written appeal and notify you if there is any change.

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