Continuing Competence Program

Professional competence is more than the knowledge and skills directly related to dietetics. It involves the interaction and integration of knowledge, critical thinking, judgment, attitudes, skills, values and beliefs.

The Continuing Competence (CC) Program monitors each dietitian’s participation in professional development activities. While it is not possible for such a monitoring program to guarantee competence, it is a reasonable method for the College to use for granting continued licensure.

In 2020, the College added a jurisprudence learning requirement to the CC Program.  Jurisprudence refers to studying the law.  In the context of dietetics, jurisprudence is about creating awareness of the legislation, regulations, standards and policies that govern practice in Manitoba.  Increased awareness is aimed at helping dietitians practise within the boundaries of the law and ultimately lead to greater client safety.

Program Overview

The Continuing Competence Program is designed to help dietitians reflect on competence as it relates to their area of practice and personal goals.

The program requires each dietitian to:

  • Set goals for professional development
  • Participate in professional leaning activities to achieve the set goals
  • Submit completed Continuing Competence Program goals and professional development activities to the College.

Continuing Competence Program Handbook

IMPORTANT:  Continuing Competence Program goals, professional development activities, including any required jurisprudence learning modules must be completed by January 31. 

All continuing competence submissions are screened by volunteer committee to ensure that dietitians have met the requirements of the program.  Program requirements must be met in order for dietitians to renew their registration by March 31.

Failure to Meet Program Requirements

If the screening or audit committee determines that a submission does not meet program requirements, the submission may also be reviewed by the Board of Assessors.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the Continuing Competence Program is a violation of the Code of Ethics and Regulations

Members with a significant medical issue that prevents participation in professional development activities may request a deferral for up to one year.  Please contact the CDM office for further information.

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