To maintain your licence as a Graduate Dietitian or Registered Dietitian, you must renew your licence by March 31 each year. Your renewal must include:

  • your complete Continuing Competence (CC) submission
  • your current registration profile
  • completed legal declarations
  • payment of the registration fee
Important:  You must complete all requirements of the CC Program by January 31 annually.


  • If you are selected for audit of your CC submission, your audit must be approved before you can renew your registration. You will receive email notification from the College once your audit has been approved, with instructions for completing your registration renewal.
  • If you are NOT selected for audit, your CC submission must be complete before you can renew your registration. You will receive email notification that your CC submission is complete with instructions for completing the rest of your renewal. This notification will be sent AFTER January 31 annually.
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Once your registration has been received and processed, you will receive confirmation of your registration and instructions to access your certificate of registration and official receipt from the registration portal.


The College does not provide rebates or refunds on registration fees.

Late Fee

If the College does NOT receive your complete renewal by March 31, you are subject to a late fee of 35% of the registration fee.

Planning Not to Renew

If you do not wish to renew your licence, please contact the College for instructions on how to formally resign from the College  If you fail to renew your registration within the required time and you do not notify the College of your intention to resign, your  licence will be suspended or revoked.  The College will also notify your employer. Suspensions and revocations are kept on file indefinitely.

Once you are no longer registered with the College you cannot use the title dietitian in Manitoba, including any variation, abbreviation or equivalent.


If you wish to have your registration reinstated, you must apply to return to practice.  You will subject to all registration requirements in effect at the time of your application.

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