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The following Dietitians are available to work with the media. All Dietitians are located in Winnipeg unless noted otherwise.

Dietitian (RD)


Focus of Practice


Gina Sunderland 204.979.6104
Nutrition and cancer treatment
The elderly
Heart health
Chronic disease
Child nutrition
Able to address a wide range of nutrition related issues
Jennifer Bewza Osteoarthritis Pre-habilitation for joint replacement surgery
Tiffany Augustine Long term care
Primary care
Long term care
Shea Wolff 204.996.3794 PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Children and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism
Pre and post natal nutrition
Topics as stated
Jay Adam 204.886.4316
Diabetes – adult Topics as stated
Nita Sharda 204.930.5137 Nutrition for seniors
Sports nutrition
Mental health
Diabetes management
Nutrition for East Indian diet
How to meal prep/be organized
How to obtain improved gut health
Discuss plant proteins
Connie Dimen 204.990.0365 Geriatrics
Long term care
Able to address a wide range of nutrition related issues
Janelle Botterill 204.239.2414 Weight bias
Healthy relationship to food
Disorder eating
Weight bias
Mindful eating
Intuitive eating
Brain foods
Fueling the brain and body
Jorie Janzen Sports nutrition Sports supplementation
Body Image
Disordered eating/eating disorders
Fueling for sport
Eat to train/compete/travel/season off
Hotel room cooking
Easy meal preparation
Chris Hyde 204.333.7646 Sports nutrition – all ages
Chronic disease – all ages
Able to address a wide range of nutrition related issues
Susan Watson
204.792.1893 Weight management and chronic disease prevention
Healthy cooking and demos
Recipe development/revisions, healthy meal preparation
Eating well with an allergy (gluten-free, dairy free, soy-free, egg free and nut free)
Cholesterol management, heart health, diabetes
Healthy eating for baby, toddler and preschooler
Workplace wellness/corporate health
Nutrition for seniors
Able to address a wide range of nutrition related issues
Jennie Cowan 204.281.1807
Diabetes educator
Sports Dietitian
Sports nutrition
Kidney disease
Angela Tucker



204.903.6761 Trauma-informed care
Relationship to food
Eating disorders
Disordered eating
Binge eating
Body image & body dysmorphia
Intuitive eating
Veganism and plant-based eating
Raschelle Sabourin 204.227.6323 Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor Improving food relationship
Intuitive Eating
Emotional eating
Eating disorders
Disordered eating
Binge eating
Janine LaForte
Real Life Nutrition
Family Nutrition Overcoming the challenges of feeding your busy family
Finding time to make family meals-kitchen and cooking hacks
Feel and do your best by boosting nutrition in family meals
Letting go of frustration when feeding ‘picky’ eaters
Involving kids in the kitchen-a valuable life skill
Packing healthy lunches
Snacks on-the-go
Delicious family meals made simple
Fueling your family for your chaotic days
Reducing stress and guilt associated with feeding your family
Meal planning tips to ease stress and overwhelm
Feeding children at early learning and childcare (day care) facilities
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