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The following Dietitians are available to speak on health and nutrition topics for corporate presentations, workshops, and conferences.


All Dietitians charge fees unless indicated otherwise.


Dietitian (RD)




Sharla Fast 204.787.4039 Pediatrics Experience with cultural groups
Meera Kaur 204.944.0174 Tube feeding, adult, child and infant health, anti/carcinogenic food, fad diets, GM food, and more Experience with cultural groups
Services in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese
Sarah Morry 204.229.0962 Healthy eating, label reading Experience with cultural groups
Jorie Janzen 204.232.2234
Sports Nutrition, body image, general nutrition
Janelle Vincent 204.990.9082 Sports nutrition, health and wellness Services in English and French
Experience with African newcomers
Stephanie Hnatiuk 204.785.0481 Adult general nutrition, sport nutrition, workplace nutrition and diabetes Experience with Indigenous groups
Tiffany Augustine Long term care Experience with Indigenous groups
Jillian Paulmark 204.228.9820 Diabetes, weight loss, bariatric surgery Experience with Indigenous groups
Jennie Cowan 204.281.1807 Sports nutrition, general nutrition, diabetes Currently located in Swan River; however, willing to travel
Experience with Indigenous groups
Jody Chanel 204.248.2067 General healthy eating for good health and diabetes Understands French
Some experience with varying cultural groups
Chris Hyde 204.333.7646 Sports nutrition, family nutrition, diabetes, cardiac, IBS/IBD, weight loss nutrition, workplace nutrition Experience with Indigenous and East Indian groups
Nita Sharda 204.930.5137 Fibre, iron, South Asian cuisine, anti-inflammatory foods, snack and meal preparation Experience working with South Asian groups
Angela Tucker 204.447.7742 Vegan and plant-based nutrition, type 2 diabetes prevention and management, heart health, intuitive eating, mindful eating, anti-inflammatory eating, body image and more Experience with Indigenous groups.  Understands French.  Currently in rural MB, but commutes regularly for speaking engagements
Janine LaForte
Real Life Nutrition
Overcoming challenges of feeding your busy family, finding time to make family meals-kitchen and cooking hacks, feel and do your best by boosting nutrition in your family meals, letting go of frustration when feeding ‘picky’ eaters, involving kids in the kitchen, a valuable life skill, packing healthy lunches, snacks-on-the-go, delicious family meals made simple, fueling your family for your chaotic days, reducing stress and guilt associated with feeding your family, meal planning tips to ease stress and overwhelm, tips for feeding children at early learning and childcare (day care) facilities Experience with Indigenous groups.  Available for corporate wellness speaking opportunities.
Adrienne Penner 204.408.3856 I cover positive positive relationships with food & body, meal planning, mindful & intuitive eating, family nutrition, label reading, diabetes, heart health, workplace nutrition, etc. I am located in Steinbach, MB and offer in person or virtual.
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