Highlights of Fall 2021

  • CC Program Update
  • Virtual Care for Clients who Live in other Provinces
  • Revisions to Practice Directions for Advertising & Sales and Conflict of Interest

Highlights of Spring 2021

  • Important Notice:  Continuing Competence Program Update
  • Council Nominations
  • Practice Question:  Guidelines for Self-Employed Dietitians
  • Practice Direction – Virtual Practice
  • Practice Direction – Cannabis

Highlights of Winter 2020

  • Important Reminders about the CDM Continuing Competence (CC) Program
  • COVID-19 Survey for Health Care Workers
  • Virtual Care for Clients Who Reside in Other Provinces
  • CDM Annual General Meeting Minutes and Recording Now Available
  • Updated Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice

Highlights of Summer 2020

  • College Council
  • Restoring Safe Services – Phase 3
  • Collaborative Care Guideline
  • Jurisprudence learning module – social media
  • Practice Question: Displaying Certificate of Registration

Highlights of Fall 2019

  • Change in deadline date for CC submission
  • Virtual Practice / Electronic Practice
  • Vaccine Hesitancy

Highlights of Winter 2019

  • Renewal Information
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Reminders: Liability Insurance, Reserved Acts Consultation Survey & Custodian Information

Highlights of Winter 2018

  • Professional Boundaries

Highlights of Fall 2018

  • Duty to Report
  • Virtual Practice / Electronic Practice

Highlights of Spring & Summer 2018

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education by RDs
  • Private Practice Fees


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