Registered with Other Canadian Regulator

Temporary Practice Registration

To become registered as a Registered Dietitian on the Temporary Practice register with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College):

    1. Complete and submit the application form (online or PDF)
      Register Online     Other Cdn Regulator-Temporary Registration (pdf)
    2. Please contact the dietetic regulatory body(s) where you have full registration and request a verification of registration to be sent to CDM to confirm that you are registered in good standing.  Please note that the information contained in the verification of registration is valid for 30 days within the date of your complete application; therefore, we recommend that you time the request accordingly. The regulatory body(s) will also provide us with your transcripts, internship verification and CDRE results
    3. Pay the initial application and registration fee
    4. Original criminal record checks with vulnerable sector check, adult and child abuse registry checks
        • Please contact your local police service and request a criminal record check with vulnerable sector check*
        • If the province where you reside conducts separate adult and child abuse registry checks, contact them to order.  If that service is not available in your home province, the criminal record check with vulnerable sector check will contain that information
        • Please be aware that only original documents are acceptable for application for registration with the College and must be dated within six months of your application
        • The record checks may take several weeks.  Please contact the College if they won’t be available before you wish to be registered

      e. Copy of your current resume
      f. Proof of identity and current legal name, such as a passport or driver’s licence


Once the College has received your complete application, we will contact you within 2-3 weeks to inform you of your application results.  As a Registered Dietitian, you must fulfill the responsibilities of all registered members, including:

  • Renew your membership with CDM for the duration of time you will be providing dietetic services to residents of Manitoba
  • Maintain registration in good standing in the province(s) that you are fully registered
  • Maintain the required liability insurance
  • Meet the standards for ethics and professional conduct as set by the College


* If you reside in Winnipeg you can order your criminal record checks online from the Winnipeg Police Services, you must choose the College of Dietitians of Manitoba as the receiving agency to allow the College to receive the document directly in its official form.  Otherwise, the document that is available for you to print out will be stamped with the word “VOID” and is not acceptable to the College

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