Continuing Competence Program


Each year, 20% of dietitians will be randomly selected for audit.  In addition, CC submissions received after the deadline will be automatically audited. Those selected for audit will be notified by email and are required to ensure the acceptable supporting documentation is provided for each of their professional learning activities.

Within 10 days of the date of the audit notification, supporting documentation must be uploaded directly to your CC submission.

The submission selected for audit will be reviewed by the CC Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee will review your:

  1. Learning Goals
  2. Learning Activities and supporting documentation
  3. Self-Reflection

The Audit Committee will not review your self-assessment.

Continuing Competence submissions must meet program requirements in order to renew your registration with the College.  You may be asked to re-submit specific sections of your learning plan if program requirements are not met.

Those with gaps in more than one section of the audit may be re-audited the following year.

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