Professional Titles

In Manitoba, individuals must be registered with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (the College) in order to practise using a professional title. These professional titles are protected by law:

  • Registered Dietitian, RD
  • Dietitian (or equivalent title in another language)
  • Graduate Dietitian, GD
  • Dietetic Intern, DI

Titles Are Not Portable

All Dietitians must be registered in the province where they practise in order to have the right to use a professional title. Registration in one province does not mean the title may be used while working in another province.

For example:

  • Practicum students coming to Manitoba to complete a rotation must be registered with the College
  • Dietitians coming to Manitoba to provide advice at a public speaking engagement must be registered with the College
  • Dietitians who are physically located outside of Manitoba and provide virtual dietetic services to Manitoba residents must be registered with the College

I am a member of the Dietitians of Canada. Does this grant me the right to use the professional title Dietitian?
No.  Dietitians of Canada is an association. It is not a regulatory body. You must be registered with a provincial regulatory body in order to use the professional title.

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