Continuing Competence Program

Program Requirements

To maintain registration with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba (CDM), all dietitians must:

  • Participate in the mandatory Continuing Competence (CC) Program of the College each year, regardless of employment status.
  • All components of the CC Program must be completed by January 31, annually.

The CDM CC Program includes the following components:

  • Two learning plans for the current CC year.  Each learning plan consists of:
    • Learning Goal
        • Must be professional learning goals related to dietetic practice.
    • Learning Activity Record
        • Activities must be at a professional level.
        • Activities must be completed within the previous two years.
    • Self-Reflection – must include:
        • Why your learning goal was chosen.
        • What knowledge was gained in completing the activities.
        • The impact or outcome on your practice.
    • Self-assessment and identification of two learning goals for the upcoming year.
  • Any required jurisprudence learning modules.

I am a new member of CDM.  Do I need to participate in the Continuing Competence Program?

New members registered between February 1 and September 30 are required to complete all components of the CC Program.

New members registered on or after October 1 are required to submit a modified learning plan by January 31 including:

  • A record of their professional learning activities.
  • A reflection of their learning indicating what knowledge they have gained in participating in these activities as well as the outcome or impact of this learning on their current or future practice.
  • Two learning goals for the upcoming year.
  • Any required jurisprudence modules.

If I am planning to resign from CDM prior to the renewal deadline of March 31, do I need to submit my CC learning plan?

Only members who wish to maintain their registration must submit their learning plans.

If you do not want to renew your registration, you must officially resign from the College.

I am currently off work and unable to participate in learning activities at this time.  Am I still able to renew my licence to practice?

Deferral from participation in the CC Program will be considered for a significant medical issue that prevented participation in professional development activities within the current CC program year.  Please contact the College for further information.

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